Detailed information on mutual fund investments and withdrawals to ensure you have a hassle-free investment experience.

We offer the following two modes of investments:
1. Lump Sum (One Time Investment)
2. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), based on your preference

Lump Sum mode allows you to make a single investment in one go. SIPs provide you with the flexibility to invest at regular intervals, thereby allowing you to build up a sizeable portfolio over time. SIPs offer multiple benefits over lump sum investing such as Rupee Cost Averaging. Read our educational pieces for detailed analysis.
Moneyguru does not have any minimum investment criteria to start investing. The minimum investment amount depends on the mutual fund scheme of your choice and the mode of investment you select. Mutual fund houses set their own minimum investment amount and it may vary from scheme to scheme. You can check the minimum investment amount for different schemes, by logging in to your moneyguru account click here.
If your Permanent Account Number (PAN) is Know Your Customer (KYC) registered, you can immediately begin investing in mutual funds through moneyguru by completing a one-time quick registration process.

In case your PAN is not KYC compliant, you will have to first get your KYC registration done. Should you wish to get your KYC registration done through moneyguru, please send us the hard copy of the correctly filled KYC form along with self-attested copies of the following documents:

1. Self-attested copy of PAN
2. Self-attested copy of Aadhaar Card (Both sides)
3. Recent Passport Size Photograph – Please affix the photograph in the KYC Registration Form and sign below

You can download the KYC registration form which is available inside your moneyguru account.
Adding a nominee is not mandatory. However, it is always good to update the nominee details while investing. Under any unfortunate circumstances, your investments will remain safe and will be transferred to the nominee automatically.
Yes, as long as you have an ‘Indian’ bank account you can invest using moneyguru’s platform. If your PAN is KYC compliant, you can start investing immediately by completing a quick one-time registration process.

In case your PAN is not KYC compliant, you will have to first get your KYC registration done.

Please note – if you are a resident of the US or Canada, you are not eligible to invest in mutual funds in India due to the regulatory guidelines of these countries.
The time taken for crediting the amount to your bank account depends on the category of the fund for which the redemption request is raised.

Typically, for Equity Funds – it takes T+3 working days, and for Debt & Liquid Funds – it takes T+2 working days. In some cases, where the liquid fund is invested through an instant account with the fund house, the amount may get credited to your bank account instantly or within a few hours.(T = Transaction Day)

After redemption, you will also receive a statement from the fund house, confirming the withdrawal and detailing the latest portfolio net of redemption.
Moneyguru doesn't charge any fees for its services. However, please note that should there be any exit load criteria applicable to the scheme, it will be charged accordingly by the fund house. Please check the fund details carefully before giving the redemption request.
You will get a refund for the failed investment transaction within 3 working days in your registered bank account. Please read our terms and conditions for further details.
Should you wish to increase your monthly investment amount in the same scheme you can do in the following ways:
1. Start another SIP in the same scheme or
2. Cancel the earlier SIP and start a new one with a higher amount.

Should you have any queries, feel free to drop us a line at and we will be glad to assist.
Yes, you can stop or cancel your SIP whenever you wish to do so. Send an email to us at from your registered email id with moneyguru mentioning the below SIP details and we will get it done.
1. Folio Number
2. The Scheme Name
3. SIP Start Date
4. SIP Amount

Please note – SIP cancellation should be given with a minimum of 15 days' notice before the SIP installment due date for the cancellation to be effective for the current month. If cancellation notice is provided less than 15 days before the installment payment due date, then the cancellation will be applicable from the next installment payment date."
Currently, fund houses don’t provide the flexibility of changing the SIP date or frequency. Should you wish to change the date or frequency of an ongoing SIP, you will have to discontinue the existing SIP and start a fresh one in the same scheme with a new SIP date and/or frequency.