What is moneyguru ?

Moneyguru is an online investment platform for mutual fund investors in India. It acts as a daily focal point for financial news, market data and portfolio monitoring.

Our founding DNA comes from the world of hedge funds and advising the most sophisticated investors in the world such as governments and global financial institutions. Moneyguru’s mission is to bring such unique expertise to individual investors in India.


Our clients benefit from an approach developed by the founder advising seasoned investors on the most intricate investment strategies. Our investment methodology follows a rigorous and sophisticated approach combining both quantitative and qualitative assessments. Moneyguru adopts a forward-looking view of both the global and Indian economy as well as individual market sectors while attempting to minimise risk and maximise potential returns for our clients.
We are not just a tech solution or a personal financial tool. Visit us every day to read financial news, check market data or monitor your investments. Our design-led approach eliminates unnecessary clutter, resulting in an intuitive and easy-to-use service, while providing the necessary information and tools you need to reach financial nirvana!